Thursday, December 8, 2011

Intro to the HOBO DIET PLAN

Hahaha! I guess now I'll get into blogging and tweetering too, how very 21st century of me. Not sure how many of my youtube followers would be interested in my blog, but I'd like to put some info up here and I believe pretty strongly that videos should contain visual information, and some things just aren't suited for videos!

So Hello hello hello and welcome to my bloggy bloggeroo. Like the title says I've already lost 44 lbs, so I apologize for not blogging at the beginning of my journey, but it was for sure the right way to do it!


Where to start? How about with the bare bones easy stuff:

1. No foods are no-no's.
2. Try to think about why I'm eating before I do it!
3. Go for an hour long walk every weekday on my lunch break.

That's my diet and exercise plan in a nutshell! In its simplest form, these are my 'tenets' for the HOBO DIET PLAN.

I'll add more blogs for more details!

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