Monday, April 9, 2012

One Pound Obese

As of this morning's weigh in (I do it daily, remember!) I am LESS than a pound away from saying goodbye to "Obesity" as it is technically defined through BMI calculations.

The journey so far has been long, and enjoyable : ) So many revelations about my body, so many beautiful moments rediscovering who I am, so much patience has gone into this!

It's been a long time coming to get here, and I'd be lying to say I'm not scared. I'm trotting into uncharted territory! Going where no Tiffany has gone before, and the land of "Healthy" is finally visible on the horizon.

My first five pounds of weight loss seemed like nothing at the time, but looking back I am able to see how spectacular that accomplishment was. I had faith in myself, and in that simple faith I had the key to everything.
I have not starved myself. I have not deprived myself of opportunities to socialize. I have not worked out to the point that I was being crazy.

I'd like to say at this moment to anyone embarking on a weight loss journey, no matter how small, or large ;), GUARD YOUR MONEY. There is a giant industry out there, it wants your dollars and it does not give a damn about your health. In fact, the diet industry is dependent on the continued failure of diets. If everyone was healthy, who would they sell too? Guard you money, do not buy crazy things, do not be bullied.

Have faith in your body. You are magnificent. Your body has the capacity to astound you, I promise!

Weight loss is inherently "expensive". I had to buy new shoes. Workout Clothes and the like. Purchasing food has been a headache from time to time. More than ANYTHING though, a diet will cost you precious energy from every day, and TIME. It's very true that time is money, and TIME is what makes diets so very expensive.

Nevermind pills, nevermind workout videos, nevermind personal trainers, treadmills, supplements and fads. A true and successful "diet" WILL cost you energy, patience and time. Be prepared to "spend" energy on your diet. Be prepared to "spend" patience on your diet. Above all, be prepared to "spend" time on your diet.

A little foresight can go a long way towards preventing disappointments later on.

P.S. I love you and you can do it!

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