Thursday, June 28, 2012

At Camp They Call Me Tomato

At camp they call me Tomato.

It's something I love about my life, and myself, that there is a place in this world where I am Tomato.

Everything is right when I am Tomato.

Part of what makes my Tomato-ness so exquisitely wonderful, is that I know I am loved, and accepted, all the way down to my salsa center.

This blog, my tumblr, my twitter, my youtube and any other spaces I may create in the future are places of respect and consideration.

In kindergarten, they used to give us 'R & C' slips for being respectful or considerate, but it took me many years to understand that R & C is the core of love, and the answer to eliminating what drives us to hate and hurt each other.

If you have something to add to a post I've written, or a video I've uploaded, share! If you outright disagree with what I'm saying, share!!! 

Your thoughts matter to me, your opinions matter to me, your perspective and your life experience are precious and I will be honored if you choose to share any of it with me.

Please know that this blog is a place where your voice will be heard (and you don't have to agree with me, not even a little!)

If you are reading these words I love you and I want you here. You are welcome here, and I will do everything in my power to give you the respect and consideration that you ALWAYS deserve.

This is a place where you matter.

Love Tiff!

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