Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My daily walk: An abundance of Heaven

I originally intended to write about why I go on my daily walk for mental health (I've got the depression!) and  physical health reasons. I was prepared to share how my walk is my own little slice of Heaven, but after paying special attention to today's walk I believe it would be much more apt to describe it as an Abundance of Heaven.

The marsh I walk around every day is positively VIBRATING with life!
I saw...

Milkweed and Cattails
A young Doe in the woods (she was not particularly impressed with me I don't think)
A baby bunny sunning in a patch of dirt
A cardinal singing on top of a light post (He was really loud! I could hear him way before I spotted him)
A red-winged black bird swaying on his reed perch (I saw dozens actually, they are my all-time favorite bird!)
A crow eating a mouse in a field (I could see it squirming! His crow buddies seemed jealous that they didn't have mice to eat)
Thistle and Clover in bloom
An abandoned bird's nest
Three gold finches in a tree
A raspberry bush just beginning to grow fruit
A lady grackle squawking at her man grackle
A little blackbird collecting straw for her nest
A squirrell with a ratty tail running across the crosswalk
More swooping barnswallows than I could count!

I also ate two very tart red grapevine 'Y's, yum!

~Love Tiff!

The following link is BY FAR the very best reference on walking I've found on the web:

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