Sunday, June 24, 2012

Red Winged Black Bird

Home in the reeds. 

Swaying sentinel. Wings out. Fire bright. 
Warm orange heart and Fierce red soul. 

Floating crisp black, just above the green 
Hickory brown, pebbled blue 
Hidden treasures to protect 

Will you ponder the endless blue above? 
or may eyes search only for threat 

Can you taste the grey white clouds? 
or must duty hold you tightly bound 

Peer down between the cattails 
Strange eyes only see 
Winter's dead brown mixed in tall growing grass 
Brittle dusty debris, jumbled sweet greens 

lines trace and forms dance, quietly rustling 
fragile feathered mama 
precious growing eggs 

Ah. I see your soul, little black sentinel 
Such a duty 
        settled on sun bright shoulders 
Such a beauty 
        I know little of love if I do not love you. 

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